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Mahjong Solitaire Overview

Do you love mahjong and solitaire, but can't decide which one to play? Well now you don't have to — thanks to the best of Mahjong Solitaire! The best of Mahjong Soliatire is a happy combination of two of our favorite classic games, specifically designed for your enjoyment. So get to playing Mahjong Solitaire, free online now!

How to Play Mahjong Solitaire

The rules for this free online Mahjong Solitaire game are simple to learn! All you need to do is match tiles that are the same as each other, uncovered and free from the sides. Additonally, any special Mahjong Solitaire tile can also be matched with another special tile!
But how does the scoring work? Well, in Mahjong Solitaire free tiles matched with one another increase the points you score based on the design of the tile. For example, a matched Circle tile is worth four points, but a matched Dragon tile is worth a whopping 10 points! Your end Mahjong Solitaire score will be calculated by multiplying your suit points with the number of tiles left on the board. You can even add a chain multiplier bonus by matching the same suit in succession. Now you're ready to become an expert and have fun playing Mahjong Solitaire 24/7!

Fun Facts about Mahjong Solitaire

  • The Mahjong Solitaire tiles feature characters and symbols that are synonomous with China.
  • The first game of Mahjong Solitaire was played on a computer. It was invented by a man named Brodie Lockard in 1981, leading to opportunities to play free online mahjong solitaire.
  • When you combine the translations for the words Mahjong Solitaire you get "clattering sparrows alone and isolated."
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